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How will Artificial Intelligence change the future?

Will robots really take over the jobs and lives of human?

The answer is: in a matter of fact they already have taken over the jobs of millions of people around the globe. The invention of big machines with high precision and ability to do independent tasks without human intervention from high quality and quantity production to wrapping, boxing, labelling, and distribution with high speed. From modern bakery to aeronautical and automobile industry; several hundred of thousand factory workers have lost their jobs to technology development.

Is artificial intelligence a blessing or a curse?

Artificial Intelligence is briefly defined as:

a system capable of rationally solving complex problems or taking appropriate actions to achieve its goals in whatever real-world circumstances it encounters.

Automation has increased the production in some factories in China by more than 300% and reduced the number of workers by more than 75% which let only 25% and the company have put plans to lower the number of human employees and keep the minimum to operate machines and other necessary employees.

Law firms, accounting and financial management companies and others invested millions in software that manage accurate data, do complicated analysis, generate regular precise reporting, self-managed operations and more features and options that made these company to cut off the number of their employees.

Robots, computers, automation and generally artificial intelligence (AI) contributed significantly in the human development revolution in all fields. Conducting thousands of medical experiments have never been easy, the boom in translation and teaching is also another advantage of AI with available programs that promptly register and translate written text, sound or even images providing translation according to the context and provide proper translation of different jargon.

Here are some practical ways that experts see artificial intelligence will help humanity more in the future:

  • High precision automation

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can perform intensive human work without taking breaks, without human intervention and less maintenance. Leading to reduce to cost of production and increase benefit. In agriculture for instance, a small robot equipped with an artificial intelligence algorithm can predicts the duration needed for plants to grow and can provide reports on plants diseases or needed pests for a better crop.

  • Error-free decisions

Applications that let no space for human error or mistake are often used in the of banking sector. By processing billions of information in a minute with high precision and accuracy, moreover, taking necessary actions without human intervention and thus removes all aspects of human mistakes.

  • A world without accidents

Imagine you are late to work and there is a traffic congestion that will sure make you even late to arrive, or even worse a closed road for maintenance. How will you feel that moments? Luckily now lots of mobile applications give you timely updates about road traffic, best routes to chose from and even more. Another aspect of artificial intelligence implemented in some new cars now is that the car can take decisions to slow down near traffic lights or when detecting a close danger of hitting or getting hit by another vehicle and can determine best traffic flows and other features. Now already applied in Japan for instance, people with visual impairment can move freely with the help of these technologies.

  • Providing content based on one’s preferences

Lots of social debates discussed the matter of getting propositions of content based on people’s location, center of interest, age, gender, and related information stored in complex database. Some finds it appealing and helping to save time and money, others expressed their fear of losing privacy and getting controlled by companies who might get this information and use it negatively.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are not just like movies describe where robots will take over human lives, but rather something that can significantly transform life of human easy just like we see nowadays. Of course, some jobs previously occupied by human will vanish, yet other jobs will be created like developers, robot’s manufacturer, and others.



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