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QRCPRO Software

QRCPRO - Car rental companies and offices management software

The system of car rental companies differs from any company’s business. In this regard, the market needs of this type of special systems have been studied. QRCP has been developed with a complete consensus to meet and solve most of the problems experienced by car rental companies and offices. QRCP provides you with an intelligent solution for the management of all your rented cars.
With a wide variety of features, QRCP exhibits sophisticated ways to manage your rental contracts in few clicks

Objective of the Program

Manage information of car, customer Booking, Payment and insurance etc

Change the manual system into web-based application which makes operations easy and concise

Reduce complexity

Enhance and increase company customer database

Saving work time, effort and money

Improve company records of the customers

Smooth management of all rental services (New booking, modify, extend period and cancel a transaction)

Beneficiaries and Targeted Users

Primary beneficiary are car rental companies

- Manage customer and car data

Customers (Individual or Company)

- By using online services to save time and get fast services

Software Components

Accounts and Finance




Store and warehouse

Booking operations


Software Specifications

Create and manage rental contracts based on the customer’s payment mode

Integrated with accounting module

Web-based technology application

Create invoices, payment registration, outstanding payment etc

Automatically create recurring invoices

Sending email or SMS for confirmation, first payment and recurrent invoices

Maintenance checklist facility

Damage Checking Facility with all views of the car

Detailed Fleet Rental Analysis Report

Track funds and collection of payments from clients

Easy report generation

E-government services

Electronic signature service

Rental Agreement management

Added the feature to Extend Rental Contract on customer requirement

Supporting Documents needed for Rental Contract can be attached in one click

Vehicles available for rent are displayed in one click with all details about the vehicle including QR Code

Vehicle management

GPS Tracking

Accident tracking

Online Car Reservation System

Online payment

Flexible and additive features to serve customer’s needs

After-Sales Service

1. Provide backup system to ensure that information is not lost under any circumstances and enable the preparation of backup operations in the server.
2. Measuring and evaluating performance and follow-up to make necessary updates and find appropriate innovative solutions.
3. After the completion of the project we provide a series of training programs in the use of the products at the client’s office or at our headquarters, we provide comprehensive training services in detail as needed, to ensure qualified staff using the program.
4. Our team has a distinct knowledge and experience of technical and practical aspects. Thus, provide more in-depth technical support, including the administrative level. Our team can timely analyze and troubleshoot any anomaly or error.
5. The program meets most needs of companies and institutions, and whenever you want to enrich and develop it by adding any requirements, you will find our team ready to satisfy you.
6. Make necessary and periodic updates to suit business needs.
7. After the end of the agreed warranty period, an annual maintenance contract is signed to ensure continuity of work with the same efficiency and smoothness.

Mobile Application

iOS / Android application

Operation of mobile

Run mobile banking services

Notifications and alerts up for mobile

Maintenance Policy

Annual fees will be applied after the first year of 10% of the contract value will be applied as annual maintenance fees and will include Technical support, updates and upgrades

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