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Software Services (ERP)

QLawPro is a software designed and developed specifically for the management of law offices in Qatar according to the highest standards that meet the needs of each lawyer

The Electronic Correspondence Management System is designed to provide an easy and powerful way to send, receive and transmit correspondence, mail and official ...

QIMS is a smart business management program specialized in corporate management, designed by Qlink Software & Electronics based on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology.

QISCP is a program that specializes in the management and organization of the administrative work and the functions of the departments in the sports clubs ...

QISSM is a specialized program in school, nursery and kindergarten management, inspired by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology. The program is comprehensive for ...

The system of car rental companies differs from any company’s business. In this regard, the market needs of this type of special systems have been studied.

The ease and smoothness of use is one of the most important features of our programs, where the management program of coffee shops and restaurants interfaces interactive ...

Recently, it has become a fact that every company either large or small organization must have a comprehensive administrative system that helps it to organize and manage tasks as required. These software are spread even to small shops and restaurants. At QLink Software and Electronics we develop the best and most powerful administrative and service programs that we are proud are designed and developed by us on our beloved land Qatar according to very high standards and methodology with the best capabilities and expertise specialized in designing and developing programs.
Features of our software:

The use of Enterprise resource planning technology (ERP) and web application technology for the ease use and flexibility to use services all around the world. This is what distinguishes us from others, as these technologies are the modern trends that all countries seek under the name of electronic governments

Customization and development of special software modules (models) for customers according to need and demand, and these features will be found only in QLink due to the unique competencies and expertise we own

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