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QCMS Software

QCMS - Electronic Correspondence Management System

The Electronic Correspondence Management System is designed to provide an easy and powerful way to send, receive and transmit correspondence, mail and official letters, as well as to secure and preserve them from damage.
The most important characteristics and techniques used are receiving and sending correspondence, determining the priority and importance of the letters, reminders for the letters that need replies, tracking the letters’ path, sorting according to letter type, sorting and dividing the books according to the authority, and many other options

Objective of the Program


Easy communication between administration and staff to send instructions, reports and daily operations

Send different types of extensions as attachment

Advertise for personal business or company

Create custom email address that reflects business name to contact clients, agents, suppliers, and other entities

Preclude employees to use of a personal email account for business purposes

Beneficiaries and Targeted Users

Bring unique value for decision making managers who want to engrave their brand and identity effectively among clients and other companies

General management

Human resources

accounts and finance

Legal and related departments

Software Components

Communication and internal messages

Security and protection

Calendar, schedules and meeting notifications

Human Resources

Archiving correspondence and files


Management of internal and external communication and circulars

Company, customer, supplier, and other entities database

Software Features

Unified sign in feature for all users in the same program and database

Define user’s permission according to each department and administrative position

Register correspondence information; sent, received and decisions

Register internal, external communication and circulars

Update primary information according to the correspondence

Attach approved documents and sign on it via scanner to save as Pdf file

Insert comments on scanned documents

Relate correspondence to relevant party (Incoming / Outgoing)

Use of endorsement tool to facilitate transactions (Barcode)

Display correspondence according to date and serial number

Search for previous received or sent letter along with the attachments

Track referral and reply status

Follow up of correspondence that includes reports and link it together

Operate regarding work cycle (Internal, external, circulars) with the ability to assign as per each department

Export correspondence to internal departments or external destinations

Insert ability to merge correspondence

Distribute decisions (circulars) to each department and related employees

Follow up of communication and email alert

Establish SMS alerts

Create reminders according to system settings either via program or email

Track outgoing emails and monitor its status (received, not received, rejected)

Smooth search of emails using simple or advanced search to retrieve the desired email

Follow-up incoming and outgoing letters and the decisions on which the response or referral operations were made

Provide reports and statistics in the system

Ability for user to create required reports

Save and archive correspondence

System administration and settings section

Link to file archive system

Use of OTP feature to enter the program

After-Sales Service

1. Provide backup system to ensure that information is not lost under any circumstances and enable the preparation of backup operations in the server.
2. Measuring and evaluating performance and follow-up to make necessary updates and find appropriate innovative solutions.
3. After the completion of the project we provide a series of training programs in the use of the products at the client’s office or at our headquarters, we provide comprehensive training services in detail as needed, to ensure qualified staff using the program.
4. Our team has a distinct knowledge and experience of technical and practical aspects. Thus, provide more in-depth technical support, including the administrative level. Our team can timely analyze and troubleshoot any anomaly or error.
5. The program meets most needs of companies and institutions, and whenever you want to enrich and develop it by adding any requirements, you will find our team ready to satisfy you.
6. Make necessary and periodic updates to suit business needs.
7. After the end of the agreed warranty period, an annual maintenance contract is signed to ensure continuity of work with the same efficiency and smoothness.

Mobile Application

iOS / Android application

Operation of mobile

Run mobile banking services

Notifications and alerts up for mobile

Maintenance Policy

Annual fees will be applied after the first year of 10% of the contract value will be applied as annual maintenance fees and will include Technical support, updates and upgrades

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