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The importance of Digital Marketing in Qatari SMEs

As of January 2020, more than 75% of Qatari nationals and residents in the state of Qatar are active on social media or at least one platform such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or official website pages to search for their needs of products, materials, tools, and services. If your online presence is not well prepared you are most likely to be missing a lot of potential clients in Doha.

Success of any size of business nowadays or competitive or even survival is based on how effective the company’s digital marketing strategy is. Just with minor investment, a business can flourish, and results are seen clearly. Digital marketing can boost your online presence, engrave brand awareness for public and drive more customers to your business.

Some businesses especially small or medium one fall into the mistake of not taking care of their online appearance by the pretext that they do not need this as much as focusing on quality of the product and direct marketing procedures. By this, they may lag in term of competition with other business of same caliber.

You may be puzzled by the big term of “digital marketing” or it might seem confusing and needs more efforts and time from you. Rest assured and take it easy; you can evolve and build a strong digital marketing strategy for your small business without impacting your budget.

Whatever is the sector of activity or size of your business, the first main goal is to target more potential customers. With digital marketing; it’s magic! You can get as plenty as you want.

Here are some tips that will set a good start for your small business and help you improve your digital marketing:

Online presence

  • Website:

In the 21st Century, every business needs an official website which is now considered to be the front gate of any business. A simple well-structured website that is mobile friendly, designed with your unique brand is more than enough to keep your customers engaged and ample information about your products and services are there presented.

  • Search Engine Optimization

So you have your own modest website, now you just have to combine it with moderate investment to increase your view traffic and find more potential customers by applying Search Engine Optimization practices.

You can find here some SEO best practices for beginners.

After a positive experience, people are often taken pictures and posting them in their social media platforms, so be it a photo of your business, a comment or sometimes live videos. If you do not have already your page on these social media set, you may not get these positive feedback to your favourite.

  • Google My Business

Do not forget to register in Google My Business, as this will make people find you on search, find your location, contact information, type of business and your opening hours.

Is it worth to invest in these promoted ads?

Digital marketers never ask the question like ordinary people tend to ask: “How much should I spend on these ads?” But from the perspective of business speaking the right question is: “For every Qatari Riyal I invest on ads, how much will I get in return?”. Let us dive in a little bit in this topic; do not think that promoted or paid ads are the magic wand and after a week you will be generating more profit. Do not place incomplete ads or place your ads before you prepare your landing page.

Here is the process of a successful paid ads campaign:

First create your landing page (website, Instagram page, twitter…), build quality content, set your goals, establish your marketing message and finally keep a short-term or long-term budget for paid ads. This will surely generate quality score and your ads will bring more potential customers than money you spent.

If your budget is quite limited, you can build brand awareness with social media ads as it presents good opportunity for small businesses to increase their brand visibility for a targeted audience.

Your digital marketing strategy does not have to be complicated. Focus to increase your website traffic, manage your paid ads, focus on your what you do best in your business and polish your online presence.

Looking for more success for your SME business? Our team thrive on placing their expertise between your hands to guide you more about your digital marketing plans.

To find adequate digital marketing solution that suits your business, Contact Us here.

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