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QISSM Software

QISSM – Intelligent System for School Management

QISSM is a specialized program in school, nursery and kindergarten management, inspired by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology. The program is comprehensive for everything schools need in administrations and departments such as human resources – accounts – sales – purchases – stores – correspondence– and many other options and sections, which in turn, regulate and raise the efficiency of work as a whole

Beneficiaries and Targeted Users




Special Education Centers

Educational Institutions:

Managers, Administrative, Students, Parents, Teachers and Accountants in the related field

Objective of the Program

Introduce and integrate technology in the education field at all levels

Seek out perfect administration

Enhance and increase school customer database

Prepare an encouraging, developed and sustainable environment for students, teachers and administration to organize administrative needs

Easy flow of connection and complementarity between all school departments

Continuous follow-up of managing school’s work from anywhere and at any time

Save time, effort and money

Software Components

Human Resources

Accounts and Finance

Digital Library

General educational institution management

Correspondence and messaging








Software Specifications

Web based technology application

Alert messages and reminders of appointments and tasks

Follow-up of financial services for employee entitlements

Follow-up of funds and collection of payments from parents

Send notices of payment of outstanding and remaining amounts

Online payment

Internal correspondence

Archive and organize files for future use

System Performance Measurement Panel

Search for file or document through the archive

Control panel to create email accounts

GPS service for student residences

Locating the transportation bus line for management and parents

Prepare students in the classroom directly through the tablet

Ability to use software through mobile application

Free 6 tablets for teachers for internal use

Electronic signature service

Search for student data through the Ministry of Education page and benefit from it

Apply for leave, advances and other staff operations through the application

System messages between staff and managers

Evaluation of monitoring and recording performance of teachers in the appropriate manner of management

Analytical indicators of schoolwork flow in general

Link payroll and contract data to accounts

Follow-up of units in the program operations

Fingerprint attendance system

Export data to Excel files

PDF Reports

Preview different types of files TXT-VIDEO-JPEG-PDG format in the program

Ease and smooth use

Flexible and additive in serving clients

After-Sales Service

1. Provide backup system to ensure that information is not lost under any circumstances and enable the preparation of backup operations in the server.
2. Measuring and evaluating performance and follow-up to make necessary updates and find appropriate solutions.
3. After the completion of the project we provide you with a series of training programs in the use of the products at the client’s headquarters, we provide comprehensive training services in detail as needed, and this ensures the provision of qualified staff and teachers.
4. Our team has a distinct knowledge and experience of technical and practical aspects. Thus, provide more in-depth technical support, including the administrative level.
5. The program meets most needs of schools, and whenever you want to enrich and develop it by adding any requirements, you will find our team ready to satisfy you.
6. Make necessary and periodic updates to suit business needs.
7. After the end of the agreed warranty period, an annual maintenance contract is signed to ensure continuity of work with the same efficiency and smoothness.

Mobile Application

Operation of mobile

Create an Android mobile application

Run mobile banking services

Notifications and alerts up for mobile

Maintenance Policy

Annual fees will be applied after the first year of 10% of the contract value will be applied as annual maintenance fees and will include Technical support, updates and upgrades

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