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QRPOS Software

QRPOS- Restaurant Point Of Sales

QRPOS is our smart culinary management solution for commercial kitchens and to streamline all the point of sales operations starting from menu management to payment processing, loyalty program and customer satisfaction. The ease and smoothness of use is one of the most important features of our programs, where the management program of coffee shops and restaurants interfaces interactive are simple and deals with various different hardware (Hardware Devises), and is considered one main assets to meet the needs and potential of customers

Objective of the Program

Present a simple and smart Food and beverage services management tools which handles multiple tasks and operations smoothly

Ideal organization even under heavy stress of peak time

Work better, faster, and smarter

Intelligent management software designed to simplify most restaurant and coffee shops management challenges

Accurately analyze your performance, inventory management, logistics, sales operations, customer’s data, shift management, and covers different needs in the food and beverage sector

Beneficiaries and Targeted Users

Food and beverage sector

Hospitality and retail industries


Multi-chain restaurants

Coffee shops (Café)

Food processing industries

Software Components

Inventory Management

Human Resources


Sales Operations


Accounts and Finance



Store and Warehouse

Software Specifications

Highly secure web application

User friendly for the application interface

Manage sessions for each user

Create and manage products and categories

Detailed sales analytics and inventory management

Accounting management

Purchasing management

Printing multiple Receipts of Kitchen Order or home delivery orders

Searching products by code, name and category

Arrange Tables structure inside the restaurant section

Making a complete cashier orders and easily transfer from table to other

Easily manage our kitchen orders coming from different POS Session

Entering extra notes on the orders

Assigning priority to orders

HR management

Cash Drawer

Submitting kitchen order for driver to deliver

Receipt is printed by Thermal Printer

Detailed report per session, salesperson, month and year

Different payment methods: cash and card


Windows tablet for order taking

Managing kitchen order and delivery process

Tablet Application

Internal applications on tablet for managing and creating outside orders linked to the system.

Installing and configuring the application for 3 users

Providing 3 Android tablet devices

Coffee Shop App

Coffee Shop App is a perfect App for single Restaurant app where the user can go through fast food, drinks menu and order food as well as track orders through this app.

Creating client profile (Address, mobile, location)

Managing cart including orders

Manage incoming orders on POS system

Linking the mobile app orders to the POS system

Native and creative mobile app interface

After-Sales Service

1. Provide backup system to ensure that information is not lost under any circumstances and enable the preparation of backup operations in the server
2. Measuring and evaluating performance and follow-up to make necessary updates and find appropriate solutions.
3. After the completion of the project we provide you with a series of training programs in the use of the products at the client’s place of operations or at our headquarters, we provide comprehensive training services in detail as needed, and this ensures the provision of qualified staff.
4. Our team has a distinct knowledge and experience of technical and practical aspects. Thus, provide more in-depth technical support, including the administrative level. Our team can timely analyze and troubleshoot any anomaly or error.
5. The program meets most needs of companies and institutions, and whenever you want to enrich and develop it by adding any particular requirements, you will find our team ready to satisfy you.
6. Make necessary and periodic updates to suit business needs.
7. After the end of the agreed warranty period, an annual maintenance contract is signed to ensure continuity of work with the same efficiency and smoothness.

Mobile Application

iOS / Android application

Operation of mobile

Run mobile banking services

Notifications and alerts up for mobile

Maintenance Policy

Annual fees will be applied after the first year of 10% of the contract value will be applied as annual maintenance fees and will include Technical support, updates and upgrades

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