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QISCP Software

QISCP - Intelligent Sports Club Program

QISCP is a program that specializes in the management and organization of the administrative work and the functions of the departments in the sports clubs according to international standards. It has been developed to fit and correspond with the Qatar National Sports Clubs. In simple clicks QISCP allows sports administrators and organizers to schedule events, manage resources, automate membership, fees, and dues, and keep close to fans and sponsor with integrated solutions for managing all aspects of sports related operations

Objective of the Program

Success of sport clubs is related to the success of its administration, thus, to provide a software that serves all administrative needs to manage sport facilities, training, events, and competition with others is the core objective

Meet sports administration needs and cut off heavy work of papers

Convoy the fast-developing new technologies in the field of sport’s management

Build solid fanbase

Reach ideal administration

Beneficiaries and Targeted Users

Sports and leisure sector

Recreation and sport facilities

Football clubs

Equestrian clubs

Swimming clubs/schools

Sport event planners





Software Components

Human Resources

Sports devices

Sports operations








Accounts and Finance


Software Specifications

Day to day club management operations

Accounts and finance

Human Resources

Legal affairs

Cultural and media department

Inventory, maintenance, transportation

Sport staff (coaches, players, medical team and managers of the board)

Management of membership

Members of the board

Alert messages and reminders of appointments, meetings, and tasks

Instant messaging between managers and employees

Track funds and collection of payments from members and subscribers

Link the software with government pages

Track correspondence

Fingerprint system

Manager user authorization

Fanbase and subscriber’s database management

Streaming of some sports channels

Coordination with different departments of the club

Monitor and follow management of the club anywhere at any time

Accessible through mobile iOS/Android application

Manage system operations from mobile

Payment of membership via application

Advertising and promotions

Follow sports events

After-Sales Service

1. Provide backup system to ensure that information is not lost under any circumstances and enable the preparation of backup operations in the server
2. Measuring and evaluating performance and follow-up to make necessary updates and find appropriate solutions.
3. After the completion of the project we provide you with a series of training programs in the use of the products at the client’s place of operations or at our headquarters, we provide comprehensive training services in detail as needed, and this ensures the provision of qualified staff.
4. Our team has a distinct knowledge and experience of technical and practical aspects. Thus, provide more in-depth technical support, including the administrative level. Our team can timely analyze and troubleshoot any anomaly or error.
5. The program meets most needs of companies and institutions, and whenever you want to enrich and develop it by adding any particular requirements, you will find our team ready to satisfy you.
6. Make necessary and periodic updates to suit business needs.
7. After the end of the agreed warranty period, an annual maintenance contract is signed to ensure continuity of work with the same efficiency and smoothness.

Mobile Application

iOS / Android application

Operation of mobile

Run mobile banking services

Notifications and alerts up for mobile

Maintenance Policy

Annual fees will be applied after the first year of 10% of the contract value will be applied as annual maintenance fees and will include Technical support, updates and upgrades

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