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QLawPro Software

QLawPro - Law Firm Management software

QLawPro is a software designed and developed specifically for the management of law offices in Qatar according to the highest standards that meet the needs of each lawyer. The purpose of the development of this software is to contribute to the performance and speed of completion of work and saving effort, time and money to law firms, which benefit the office and clients and even the courts

Program Definition

Is an integrated management software program dedicated to the management of law firms which was designed by QlinkSoftware & Electronics precisely for this purpose.

The software is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) based solution which is considered one of the strongest and best technologies used in the world of management, as the program is characterized by interdependence and includes all sections in the structure of offices

This program was enhanced with the Web pplication service which enables users to complete their tasks at any place and time.

We seek by this software to provide a perfect law firms management that enables the user to deal with data with complete accuracy and organization thus lead to ameliorate the performance at work. All this combined with a wonderful feature; the simplicity to use and deal with the software.

Objective of the Program

Introduce and integrate technology in the legal field on all levels

Seeking to reach the perfect management

Participate in promoting and demonstrating our role in linking the public and private sectors according to the company's vision

Provide an encouraging environment for lawyers and Legal departments by organizing their administrative needs and works

Reinforce and increase the customer base of the law firm

Reinforce and increase the customer base of the law firm

Save time, effort and money

Beneficiaries and Targeted Users

Law Firms and Legal Consultations offices

Management of legal affairs in banks

Management of legal affairs in companies

Management of legal affairs in insurance companies

Project Components

Case Management

Credential Organizing

Hearings Management

Consulting Management

Purchases and Expenses

Archiving Files and Notes for Issues



Legal Library

Client Agencies

Human Resources

Electronic Signature

Client’s Particularities

Security and Protection

Calendar and Schedules

Conversations and Internal Messages

Attendance and Absence of Lawyers

Management of Administrative Legal Cases

Software Features

Web Application based technology

Notification messages and reminders of hearings appointments of the day and hour

Follow-up financial dues to clients as well as employees

Follow-up of funds and collection of payments from clients

Send notices of payment of outstanding and remaining amounts

Payment via internet

Distribute cases to lawyers

Organize and archive cases for further review

Print attorney advocacy automatically by choice

Request for leave, loans, advances and other services for the staff through the application

Save and attach cases files

Details of client accounts

Print diverse reports

Validating appointment dates directly through the program

Reminding the dates of appeal before the expiration of the period allowed

The program is flexible and can be personalized and modified to serve the client

Add link to search for a specific case through the page of the Supreme Judicial Council

Print hearings roll automatically by choice

Messages system between staff and manager

Assess the performance of lawyers through case reports.

Analytical indicators of the workflow in the Office

Easiness and smoothness of use

Electronic signature service

And many other advantages

Lawfirms Software Packages

Basic Features


Hearing Notifications

Alert for Date of Appeal Before The Expiry Of The Period






Administrative Tasks

Sms Alert Service

Create User Accounts

Reports Pdf


  • Accounting

  • Human Resource

  • Procuration

  • Follow-up Events In Program Operations

  • Notify Client To Payment

  • Send Alert By Email

  • System Dashboard

  • Lawyers Performance Evaluation

  • Applying For Leave Or Loan

  • Link Salary Data With Accounting

  • Export Data To Excel File

  • File Internal Correspondence

  • Finger Print System

  • Discuss

  • Checking appointments for hearing

  • Get Alert By Mobile App

  • Online Payment

  • Email Accounts Creation

  • Purchases

  • Link Google Calendar To The System Calendar

  • Forms of Prosecution

  • IP Restriction for employees

  • Online signature

  • Analytical indicators for work progress

  • Courts models

  • Arbitration models

  • Municipality models

  • Proof of attendance of lawyers remotely

  • Mobile App

  • Preview Different Types Of Files like TXT-VIDEO-PNG-PDF




Holding Companies Software Packages

Package QAR 21,000

Most of legal affairs needs

Follow-up reports and complaints

Additional options for better management

3 users

After Sale Services

Package QAR 29,990

Most of legal affairs needs

Follow-up reports and complaints

Archive Management System

Fill court models automatically

Additional options for better management

3 users

After Sale Services


  • Price

  • Law

  • Courts models

  • Archive Management System

  • Managing Cases Expenses

  • Library Library

  • Discuss

  • Contacts

  • Calendar

  • Employees

  • Security

  • Settings

  • Create User Accounts

  • Notifications for Appointment of Hearing

  • Alert employees of the date of appeal before the expiry of the period

  • Appointment Appeals preview in TXT VIDEO JPEG and PNG

  • Various and customized reports

  • Mobile Application


  • QAR 2833 / Month
  • Optional for QAR 12,000

Business Plus

  • QAR 4333 / Month
  • Optional for QAR 12,000


To ensure unifying the identity and interconnection of business services in the program, mobile application and the basic office interface, we design an interactive and integrated website that is fully compatible with all smart devices

Mobile Application

Create an (IOS) iPhone mobile application

Create an Android mobile application

Manage and follow up work from mobile

Follow-up banking services from mobile

Get notifications and alerts to mobile

After-Sales Service

1. Provide a backup system to ensure that information is not lost under any circumstance and enable the preparation of backup operations in the server.
2. Measure and evaluate performance, follow up on necessary updates and find appropriate innovative solutions.
3. After the completion of the project we provide a series of training programs on how to use the product at the client’s office, or at our headquarters to ensure a qualified staff to use the program.
4. Make necessary and periodic updates to suit the needs of clients.
5. An article is placed in the contract that guarantees the client continuity in providing technical and logistic support and annual maintenance for a symbolic amount and to ensure the efficiency and quality of the product.
6. Our team has a comprehensive knowledge of both technical and practical aspects and provides more in-depth technical support.
7. The program meets all the needs of law firms and whenever you want to enrich and add any special requirements you will find us ready to satisfy you

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